Activities in the field of special facilities

SpecInTech LLC offers own developed professional special purpose equipment, systems and solutions, same as wide range of products from other countries, representing in Ukraine and Kazakhstan world leading manufacturers. We provide unique services and products primarily used by gov. security agencies, police, SWAT teams, law enforcement agencies and intelligence community. SIT LLC deals with techniques development, production and supplies of solutions for:

  • covered audio and video survelliance, evidential base generation and formalization;
  • installation and implementation of special survelliance equipment , as well as devices for technical penetration in to premises and vehicles;
  • Internet data interception, cyber security and Internet intelligence;
  • operational information sharing, data transfer through safe and stable channels;
  • communication channels data interception;
  • covered object positioning;

* SpecInTech LLC strictly obbeys Ukrainian laws and delivers indicated products and services to Goverment customers only. Our main goal is to provide our customers with the best techniques and ensure their best performance.

SIT LLC also offers wide range of power supply solutions, accesoires (cameras, microphones, triggers), camuflages and other tools to simplify professionals work and increase efficiency.