Ensuring business security

Our team is focused on solving problems related to ensuring the security of enterprises in the segments of small, medium and large businesses in Ukraine, as well as protecting them from internal and external threats.
The company's activities are aimed at ensuring an effective and consolidated system (structure) of enterprise security.
The enterprise security system is developed by the company's specialists in the “Business Security” area individually for each enterprise depending on the client’s wishes and includes directions for economic, internal, personnel security and security systems.
SpetsInTech offers you the following services:

  • Development and implementation of the security system (structure) in the business processes of the enterprise, as well as the improvement and optimization of the existing security service;
  • Outsourcing services to ensure the security of the enterprise;
  • The provision of personnel security services of the enterprise;
  • provision of services to ensure the economic and internal security of the enterprise;
  • information support with the necessary data for the safe operation of the business;
  • Verification (audit) of the existing security service of enterprises for their effective work and reliability;
  • Services for training (advanced training) of the company's security service;
  • Personnel selection of professionally trained employees in the enterprise security service.

We do not offer you a theory, but carry out everything conceived in practice.
Our clients are protected and their names remain secret.
Our main principle is “the security system should not interfere, but help the business to make profit”.